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Welcome to Wonder Kids Early Learning

Walkerston′s Community Orientated Early Learning and Child Care Centre

Wonder Kids is a family owned childcare centre operating in Walkerston that aims to provide your children with the highest standard of childhood early learning and care. We can accommodate children aged from 6 weeks to school age, and embrace an overall philosophy of learning through play.

All of the educational programs we offer are government approved and draw from the Early Years Learning Framework. These comprehensive programs are delivered enthusiastically by our team of highly qualified early learning Educators at our Walkerston childcare centre.  

An Open Door Approach to Childcare and Daycare

Our passionate team of educators are always open to feedback and suggestions from parents. Our specifically crafted curriculums aim to offer the most engaging and rewarding learning experience for the children entrusted to us. Much more to offer than just Walkerston daycare, it means we are always looking for new ways we can improve our learning journey.

We also aim to be accommodating to each child′s individual needs, including those with special requirements. Our childcare service is available to all and can cater to a variety of learning needs.

Take a Look at What Our Centre Has to Offer!

When you choose Wonder Kids, your children will enjoy a world of exploration, play and professional care. We are open Monday to Friday with opening hours from 6am to 6pm.  A selection of the prominent features in our childcare centre′s include:

  • Action packed sun safe adventure playgrounds and water parks
  • Stage and outdoor classroom areas
  • Vegetable gardens and pets such as guinea pigs
  • Comprehensive nappy service

Sun-safe Outdoor Adventure Playgrounds for Learning and Play

Your children will absolutely love our large shaded adventure playgrounds for a fantastic learning environment that is equal parts fun and education. More than just daycare, with large sandpits and exciting water parks, this is the perfect setting for the children to release all of their energy, whilst providing a source of exploration and experimentation. A big component of the early learning environment provided at our Walkerston childcare centre involves promoting an active, social environment, which is both safe and nurturing.

A Community Based Environment 

Our Educators strongly believe in teamwork and sharing their collective experience to offer the ultimate nurturing childcare and learning experience. They work collaboratively and strive to refine their skills through various development opportunities. This sense of community and sharing of knowledge has allowed our childcare centre to effectively guide children and identify potential opportunities of growth and learning through play.

If this sounds like the sort of progressive educational atmosphere you are seeking for your child to help them realise their full potential, Wonder Kids is the ideal childcare centre in Walkerston for you.

Please feel free to contact us for further details or complete our online enquiry form.