A Kindergarten and Childcare Centre for All of Walkerston

Know that your child is getting the best education in Walkerston, no matter their age. In every Wonder Kids classroom, our experienced Lead Educators are using an emergent curriculum built from the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards.

Whether we′re teaching kindergarten or a toddler class, our goal is to be nurturing Educators. We want to help your child grow as much and as positively as possible in the years before schooling, so we create a healthy and caring environment that complements and rewards children′s natural sense of curiosity and unique talents.

Comfortable, calm and stimulating, our classrooms are designed to enhance your child′s learning experience at every age level. Specifically designed for each age group, each is full of fun, inspiring activities for your child to learn and grow from.

We aim to get our children out of the classroom as much as possible, and we′re committed to maintaining an outdoor environment. Our goal is to spark your child′s sense of wonder with safe, controlled outdoor play and learning and the use of natural materials. Give your child an understanding of the natural world and sustainability with our guidance.

Kindergarten that Prepares Your Child for the Next Step
4 years to school age

Walkerston′s Wonder Kids is proud to provide a comprehensive, fun and exciting government approved Kindergarten program. Our Kindergarten program is delivered by a degree qualified Early Childhood Teacher.In doing this we are ensuring our children are heading off to Prep with all of the skills required to be fully prepared to succeed on every level.

Equipped with the latest technology, including an interactive smart board, our Kindergarten classroom is a welcoming environment where children are invited to take charge of their own learning and become involved in their education.

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We apply the same approach to teaching at our Kindergarten level as we do with younger students. Structured play allows children to build on existing skills and learn new ones, like negotiation, cooperation, literacy, numeracy and problem solving, and also equips them to discuss ideas and further their imagination.

The focus is on ensuring that children have a basic understanding of the elements needed to be successful at school including appropriate social, organisational and problem-solving skills. 

While our kindergarten is an educational course, play is always the main focus. Our curriculum continues to support and develop your child’s creativity, individualism, ideas and creativity.

At the end of the year, our kindergarten Teacher will complete a 'Transition Statement', which highlights the achievements of your child during the year. This helps school teachers to better understand your child and begin to plan for their individual needs right from day one.

Pre Kindy
3 to 4 years

The learning environment is specifically designed to promote small and large group interactions and play experiences in our indoor and outdoor play areas. We offer appropriate levels of challenge and the children are encouraged to explore and create, preparing them for the next step into kindergarten.

Our Educators develop children′s social skills by using the latest educational techniques and resources in a fun, safe and secure environment, while meeting the needs of each individual child.

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Opportunities are provided for children to revisit their ideas regularly and extend their thinking. Our qualified Educators role model communication strategies for them. The aim is to foster positive relationships between children and give them the best social skills through play to prepare them for kindergarten and the rest of childhood.

Children are supported by our Educators in providing a range of active and restful experiences throughout the day and supporting children so they make confident decisions in learning opportunities and participation. 

Wonder Kids always tries to get children to follow their own path. We believe extending a child’s own interests with enthusiasm and concentration is the best form of self-development. Our Educators are caring and attentive listeners who will discuss your child’s ideas with them and encourage them to explore them further.

Junior Kindy
15 months to 3 years

This spacious, inviting room encourages a calm atmosphere. The routines established in our Toddlers classroom are consolidated here as children become increasingly capable of participating in more difficult activities.

The Educators work within the guidelines of the Early Learning Years Framework and focus on the learning outcomes through teacher led and child led learning activities.

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Junior Kindy further develops the child's skills in relation to music, movement, role play and fine motor activities while following the children's interests. 

This classroom allows for the many exciting learning areas fuelled by the children's interests. The room is also set out in a way that encourages both indoor and outdoor play, to add greater variety and enjoyment to their play.

Educators work closely with you to ensure your child's needs are fully met and to keep you updated on their progress in our happy, play-based program.

15 months to 3 years

Toddlers is a bright and happy room which caters for young children by providing many stimulating resources including musical instruments, home corner props, art and craft supplies, as well as beautiful books and puzzles. We encourage happy interactions and discovery while learning new things through play.

These resources are put to great use, ensuring children engage and interact with their expert Educators. The activities provided for the children link to our Educational Program (Early Learning Years Framework) and children's interests are explored and extended on a daily basis.

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New routines are established in this classroom; at the same time flexibility is given to ensure all children are happy and comfortable. The Educators spend a lot of time communicating with parents in order to learn more about the children in their care and use this information to extend on their interests and create activities that are meaningful to them.

6 weeks to 15 months

Our nursery provides a warm and caring environment with experienced Educators who care for the children like they were their own.

We endeavour to make the transition between home and childcare seamless by following routines established at home. The calm atmosphere of the room enables children to explore the stimulating environment and reach their developmental milestones.

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Stimulating activities such as music, movement and art times are used to aid their developmental progress. The nursery is peaceful during rest time and has been set up to cater for each child's needs. 

We know Walkerston parents are looking for clear communication with their Educators, so we make sure to deliver on the trust you place in us. Know that with our open door policy, you’ll always be able to discuss concerns or get an update on how your child is progressing.

An Outdoor Learning Environment to Help Your Child Grow

Wonder Kids is a SunSmart approved childcare centre.

Our senior playground is jam-packed with fun, with its own sun safe water park, sandpit and obstacle courses. The wooden boat encourages imaginative and creative play. A bike track meanders through the natural surroundings where children can relax in the teepee or practice their skills in whatever interests them.

Our junior playground provides abundant opportunities for exploration. It features a sun safe water park and sandpit with plenty of opportunities for challenging fun.

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Our guinea pigs, fish, vegetable gardens and natural environments provide endless opportunities for the children to appreciate and respect their environment and nature in general.

Happy and Engaged Walkerston Children from Early Years to Kindergarten

For information on any of our courses, or to enrol your child in Wonder Kids, contact us today. Our friendly staff love to hear from new parents and are more than happy to discuss with you what you and your child need from an early learning centre.

Call Wonder Kids at Walkerston, or email us with any enquiries you might have. Our goal is your child′s happiness and your satisfaction!

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